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Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises

Looking for fun under the sun? What about a Canary Island cruise, a Portugal cruise or a deliciously-fun cruise to Morocco? People are falling in love with cruises all over again, and so will you once you experience your very own Canary Island cruise, Portugal cruise or a cruise to Morocco. Whether you are a first time cruiser or an avid cruiser, you are sure to find the cruise experience of your watery dreams at Costa Cruise.

Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises -

Canary Islands (Spain) Cruise
The archipelago of the Canaries, made up of seven volcanic islands, belongs to Spain and is divided into the provinces of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Despite the changes brought about by mass tourism, the islands still have little fishing villages, small hilltop towns with white-washed houses and even some unspoilt places still untouched by the crowds. 

Cape Verde (Portugal) Cruise
The islands that form the archipelago of Cape Verde are windy, hilly and arid: the six westernmost islands have rocky hills, whereas the other three are made up of long sandy plains. The inhabitants are of African, Portuguese, Mediterranean and Latin American origin, creating a very unique culture. The country offers many opportunities for deep-sea diving and hiking, as well as having an excellent cuisine and buzzing nightlife.

England Cruise
England offers history and tradition in abundance, best illustrated in its great cities and towns, rich monuments and museums. Nature lovers will appreciate its rich and varied coastline, from pretty bays and harbours to dramatic cliffs and beautiful beaches.

Morocco Cruise
A country that appears to be half-myth, half-reality: cities like Tangiers, Casablanca and Marrakesh conjure up the aromas of spices and mysterious moods. The street markets are lively places of exchange and barter for rugs, carpets, wood craft items and jewellery. And nature abounds everywhere: heavenly beaches, impressive snow-capped mountain ranges, woods and waterfalls, and rivers that flow all the way to the Sahara, creating spectacular canyons in the rocks.

Portugal Cruise
The westernmost country in Europe, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has a rich maritime past, beautiful seaside resorts and varied scenery of olive groves, vineyards and cornfields. The villages, towns and cities are embellished with small churches, sumptuous cathedrals and buildings in the manuelino style, decorated with the blue patterns of azulejos, the famous majolica tiles. The music of fado, a melancholy song evoking age-old passions and stories, echoes through the country.

Spain Cruise
Imagine the vividness of the colours yellow and red, the local pride and the intensity of a culture that once experienced the thrill of discovering faraway lands: Spain is this and much more. Culture, passion, hospitality and an amazing sense of knowing how to have a good time: every Spanish city, on the coasts or on the islands, inland or in the centre of the country, can provide a truly unique and exciting experience.

The Azores Cruise
The beauty of the archipelago of the Azores lies in the uniqueness of each island: the clear lagoons and the huge coloured hydrangeas of Sao Miguel, the Teceira high and rocky coasts, the Pico and the Fajal volcanoes, the plains and waterfalls of Flores, the Graziosa windmills, the mountains, sandy beaches and pretty little villages of S.Maria , Corvo's and Sao Jorge 's wild nature.

Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises

Photo Gallery - Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises

Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises - Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises - Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises - Atlantic Ocean and Canary Island Cruises -
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