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Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermudas Cruises

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy a Caribbean cruise, not if we has anything to say about it! It is our goal in business to make luxurious Caribbean cruises affordable to any one who adores ocean travel. From a Caribbean cruise to the Cayman Islands to Caribbean vacations whose destinations are Florida and Jamaica, all Caribbean vacations are unforgettable ones.

Cayman Islands Cruise
Coral reefs, an incredible seabed and beaches where the only sound you can hear is the sea breeze: this is the Cayman Island archipelago. Its history, made up of natives, colonialism, pirates and independence within the British Commonwealth, has been revolutionised by tourism: travellers of all nationalities flock every year to what is rightly considered a paradise

Costa Rica Cruise
In Costa Rica, the variety of landscapes - volcanoes, coastlines, Caribbean beaches, rivers and nature reserves - is equalled by the country's rich cultural diversity. Its complex history is at the root of the fascinating ethnic mosaic that dominates this small Central American country, a destination for Europeans - Catalans and Basques first, then Germans and English - and also Afro-Caribbean and Chinese over the last few centuries.

Jamaica Cruise
Unconventional and relaxed, Jamaica is one of the most beloved Caribbean islands for its beautiful beaches and clear blue sea. The unmistakably informal Jamaican lifestyle and the positive vibes of reggae have created a legend of an island where life is lived naturally and even the language is musical, colourful and simple.

Mexico Cruise
Friendly, hospitable and colourful, Mexico is visited by a large number of tourists each year, due in part to its great cultural heritage. The Maya and Aztecs left important traces of their empires, now protected in archaeological sites of inestimable value. Variety is the distinctive feature of the Mexican landscape: arid areas and volcanoes alternate with rocky coasts, white beaches and forests.

Antilles Cruise
Nestling between Florida and the coast of Venezuela, the Antilles separate the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is blessed by eternal spring and comprises the Greater and Lesser Antilles, nearly all of which are volcanic in origin. The best way to explore the beauty of the Antilles is by boat, which will allow you to reach coral beaches, dive into the turquoise waters and journey deep into the lush vegetation.

Bahamas Cruise
A pirate base in the 18th Century, the Bahamas have been an independent country since 1973. The main islands and the capital, Nassau, are now a tax haven and a destination for tourists. However, somewhere among the 700 islands and 2,500 cays, or islets, that make up the country, you can still escape from all the modern hotels and disappear into a forest of mangroves or explore a coral barrier reef.

Dominica Cruise
An island republic in the Caribbean, noted for its wildlife, Dominica is largely covered in luxuriant rain forest and possesses the world’s second-largest hot-water lake (Boiling Lake). An ideal destination for nature lovers and diving enthusiasts.

Turks Islands Cruise
Maybe the most fascinating island of the whole Caribbean archipelago. The Turks Islands boast wonderful beaches and hundreds kilometres of coral reef, making them one of the ten main destinations of the world for underwater diving. Grace Bay, set in the Northern part of Provo, was elected "the best beach on the earth" by the readers of Conde Nast Traveller, and one of the 5 beaches of the world by the London Sunday Times.

Virgin Islands Cruise
Nature is the true star of these islands: green hills, blue skies, amazing sunsets and wide open beaches with soft sand. Once a hideout for buccaneers and brigands, now they're a top choice for sports enthusiasts, who are attracted by the tropical breezes and year-round mild climate.

Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermudas Cruises

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