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Bahrain Cruise
Its reputation as a relatively liberal and modern Persian Gulf country makes Bahrain a favourite destination among tourists. One of the world's oldest civilizations originated here, and some believe that it was the location of the Garden of Eden. Two extremely interesting characteristics of this country are the drinking of traditional Arabian coffee and the large number of museums it hosts.

Egypt Cruise
The ancient and mysterious spell of Egypt draws tourists from every corner of the globe. There are those who come for the excitement of the capital, Cairo, and others who come for the blinding beauty of the desert, the enigma of the sphinx and the pyramids, as well as the beaches and frivolity of Sharm el-Sheikh. The intensity of Egypt's history and the rich colours of its countryside leave no one unmoved. 

Jordan Cruise
Biblical stories, vanished cities, Lawrence of Arabia: Jordan is truly a romantic land with a great past. Today, though, Jordan is a tranquil country known for the sincere hospitality of its people. But its charm is not limited to enjoying a cup of tea with friends; it is home to two spectacular archaeological sites, Petra and the Wadi Rum Desert.

Oman Cruise
Spectacular oases, bewitching fjords and bays, intriguing markets, ancient fortifications, beautiful desert landscapes at sundown: the Sultanate of Oman is all of this and much more.

United Arab Emirates/Dubai Cruise
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a union of seven sovereign sheikhdoms, formed when the British withdrew from the Gulf in 1971. It boasts mountains, beaches, deserts, oases, camel racing and Bedouin markets, all packed into a relatively small area.

Yemen Cruise
Visiting Yemen means exploring the mysteries of the ancient kingdom of Saba. In the biggest cities you’ll find 400 year-old buildings, majestic mosques and multicoloured palaces that exude mythical Middle-Eastern magnificence.

Middle East Cruises


Glitzy, glam, over-the-top and a little overexposed Dubai lives for attention. On the surface it’s materialistic beyond anyone’s wildest dreams and by treating every visitor like a VIP, visitors respond by spending like VIPs, only .......


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