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Northern Europe Cruises

Denmark Cruise
In Denmark the North Sea comes rolling right in front of romantic landscapes, where picturesque plains are dotted with fairytale castles and the houses are painted in springtime colours. Here nature and man's works blend in perfect harmony. The Faroe islands, which belong to Denmark, are an archipelago where nature, history and modern technology offer visitors a truly unique experience.

Germany Cruise
In the heart of Europe, a bridge between the north and south of the continent, a cradle of European culture and a powerhouse of new trends. Tradition and modernity come together in the landscapes, culture and people of this nation, as in the city of Lubeck, founded around 1000 AD and still to this day an important centre for tourism and trade in Germany.

Greenland Cruise
Greenland is the largest island in the world. Situated in the northern Atlantic Ocean, between the Davis Strait and Baffin Bay, the island has summits rising to over 3000 metres, the most majestic of which are Gunnbjørns Fjeld (3,700 metres) and Mount Forel (3,383 metres).

Iceland Cruise
Iceland, one of Europe's youngest islands, is a unique country for many reasons: it's a fairly large country, yet inhabited by only 275,000 people, most of who live in the capital. This means that the island has a very primitive look: lunar deserts, perennial glaciers, powerful waterfalls, volcanoes and geysers; an ideal place for people who like to discover a world which nature is still forging, the last land in Europe to be occupied by man. 

Netherlands Cruise
Characterised by its almost exclusively flat terrain the Netherlands is famous for its windmills, tulips, canals, wooden clogs and cheese. Amsterdam, noted for its mix of ancient tradition and bold liberalism, and also known as the "Venice of the north", is the capital of this small nation, which has some fascinating and unique attractions.

Norway Cruise
Cities on a human scale, great forests, mountains and glaciers reflecting in the clear waters of the fjords and the colours of a proud people, the Sami. The memory of a great land where man is at one with nature and where culture and history find their roots in the salty waters of the ocean.

Scotland Cruise
In Scotland every island has a story to tell. From the beautiful unspoilt Highlands, the north coast offers unforgettable natural landscapes. Small isolated bays and beaches surrounded by dramatic mountains. If you love nature, you will appreciate the beauty of the Shetland Islands, where history has left its mark on every stone and the locals are famed for their hospitality.

Spitsbergen Cruise
An archipelago of enchanted islands in the Arctic Ocean, these craggy peaks and mountains weathered by a unique climate and sea were first discovered by the Vikings and then renamed in more recent times by European explorers in search of adventure. Dreamlike natural landscapes, where you can see for yourself the power of nature and the warm welcome of the inhabitants of these unspoilt islands. 

Estonia Cruise
Nestled between the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland is Estonia, a land rich in natural resources, forests and fertile plains. The northernmost of the Baltic states, in the last few centuries it was occupied by the Danish, Germans, Swedes and more recently Russians, until it became independent in 1991. The country's capital, Tallinn, is famous for its very active open-air theatres and its art galleries, and every year it hosts a world-famous music festival. 

Finland Cruise
If you're looking for wide-open unspoilt spaces, if you love nature and sports, if you want to combine pure relaxation with extreme fun, without missing out on high culture events for all tastes, then Finland, "the country of a thousand lakes", is the best place for you. Its capital, Helsinki, is well worth discovering; lively during the day and by night, with many museums and restaurants, where history and style can be found on every corner. 

Latvia Cruise
Latvia is in the very heart of the Baltic States. It has a picturesque natural landscape with broad plains, small ranges of hills that are no higher than 300m and a broad gulf on the Baltic Sea that gives its name to the capital, Riga. In this historic city, founded in the 12th Century, the older quarters preserve many medieval buildings, and visitors can choose from among more than 30 museums.

Lithuania Cruise
Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States: 65,300 km² of picturesque plains, dotted with lakes and hills. The ancient traditions of this land are reflected in the language of its people and in the colourful souvenirs that visitors can find along its city streets: amber, linen, clay vases and high-quality ceramics famed for their design.

Russia Cruise
Visiting Russia on a cruise is the most unusual and intriguing way to discover the charm of this country. Its sea ports, which continue the legacy of booming commerce and intense cultural exchange with the rest of the world, preserve some truly unique treasures, such as Saint Petersburg, which is still to this day a symbol of Russian culture. With a stroll on the city's romantic bridges, or a visit to the masterpieces housed in the Hermitage, Russia can satisfy even the most demanding of visitors. 

Sweden Cruise
The Swedish countryside is magnificent, with surprisingly beautiful and diverse landscapes: mountains, a myriad of lakes, vast expanses of sweet-scented forests and woodland, gorgeous beaches and green meadows; but also fabulous cities, with picturesque old centres historic and modern buildings of significant architectural merit, museums, restaurants, cosy cafes and bars and, of course, plenty of shopping and a huge range of arts and crafts and designer items.

Northern Europe Cruises


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