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If you are ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime, prepare to set sail on a Western Mediterranean cruise! On a Western Mediterranean cruise you will experience the Mediterranean the way it is meant to be experienced. At Costa Cruise, our mission is to make Western Mediterranean cruises available to anyone who has a desire to see the world via the open waters. What cruises in the Mediterranean appeal to you? Whether you want to travel to France, Italy or Malta, at Costa Cruise, all of our Mediterranean cruises will allow you to cruise the world in luxurious style. To help you decide which cruises in the Mediterranean you are interested in, choose the country you would like to visit below.

Corsica (France) Cruise
Proud of its origins and jealous of its independence, Corsica is inhabited by people who love the wild beauty of its rugged scenery. In the 17th Century the Genoese made it one of their outposts on their trade routes; their presence in Corsica was so significant that in some parts of the island a dialect is spoken that is related to the old Genoese dialect.

Gibraltar (UK) Cruise
“Gibal al Tariq”, or “Mount of Tariq” is the original Arabic name for Gibraltar, now a British Dependent Territory, known in ancient times as "Land's End". The majority of the population - Spanish, Moroccans, Maltese and Arabs - is employed in tourism, the strength of the local economy. The Moorish Castle dominating the city and Saint Michael's Cave are well worth visiting. 

Malta Cruise
The Maltese archipelago, made up of Malta, Gozo and the little island of Comino, is located in the middle of ideal currents, between the coast of North Africa and Sicily. The Greeks thought that this sun-blessed beauty was of divine origin. The Order of the Knights of Malta, one of the most powerful institutions of the Middle Ages, left important artistic and architectural remains on the island.

Spain Cruise
Imagine the vividness of the colours yellow and red, the local pride and the intensity of a culture that once experienced the thrill of discovering faraway lands: Spain is all this and much more. Culture, passion, hospitality and an amazing sense of knowing how to have a good time: every Spanish city, on the coasts or on the islands, inland or in the centre of the country, provides a truly unique and thrilling experience.

Tunisia Cruise
The fascinating cultural make-up of Tunisia is the product of a long history of domination: Phoenicians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans and French all left their mark on this country, which is a gateway to the Sahara. Its beautiful beaches and archaeological sites every year attract tourists from all over the world, enchanted by the wonderful scenery and the hospitality of the people.

West Mediterranean Cruises


The capital of Catalonia is unequivocally a Mediterranean city, not only because of its geographic location but also and above all because of its history, tradition and cultural influences.

The documented history of the city dates .......



Although part of the region of Provence, Marseilles has a soul of its own. Founded in 600 B.C. by the Greek sailors of Phocaea, this great city is the oldest in France and surely the most complex.

Second largest city in France and .......


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